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Welcome to the 2015 season of Showbiz National Talent! As a leader in the competitive dance industry for over 26 years, we strive to provide a professional, organized, fairly judged and competitive atmosphere for today's aspiring dancers. We have helped shape the dance industry though many innovations in our competitive dance events, and are proud to continue to offer new and exciting experiences for our loyal clients as well as those new to the dance industry.

Our goal is to provide a bridge between a dancer's competition experience and a professional career in conjunction with our Showbiz Xtreme dance intensives. The Showbiz staff is comprised of current and former dancers from many facets of the industry, and they are here to help your studio and students to be the best they can be!

Join us this year and experience the Showbiz Tradition for yourself!
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2014/2015 Event Guide

  • 2015 Tour Schedule

    Open or Close
    View our schedule page for detailed information, maps and downloadable schedules for each event.

  • 2015 Nationals

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    Daytona Beach, FL
    June 21- 26, 2015

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    Branson, MO
    July 17 - 22, 2015

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    San Diego, CA
    June 29 - July 4, 2015

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    We have some incredible new events lined up for our 2015 Nationals, including special gatherings that will bring everyone together– it will truly be a great competition and vacation for the whole family! Follow us on our social media links as we make announcement though the 2015 season.
  • 2015 Levels & Awards

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    All New Levels

    For our 2015 season we listened to our clients feedback and have structured our levels to meet our clients needs. Studio directors and choreographers now place their students into levels based on their current skill level and are awarded points based on a simplified scoring structure.

    Beginner: Sapphire

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    Platinum: 282-300 Points

    High Gold: 270-281.9

    Gold: 255-269.9

    Intermediate: Ruby

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    Platinum: 282-300 Points

    High Gold: 270-281.9

    Gold: 255-269.9

    Advanced: Diamond

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    Platinum: 282-300 Points

    High Gold: 270-281.9

    Gold: 255-269.9

    Learn more about our new levels and more on the Rules & Forms page.
  • 2014 Xtreme One-Day Dance Intensive

    Open or Close

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